SharePoint WebPart Deployment Guide

Deploying your SharePoint WebPart including gulp commands


Run the following gulp commands in order:

Clear up any existing solutions

gulp clean

Build solution

gulp build --ship

Bundle solution

gulp bundle --ship

Create the package

gulp package-solution --ship

You will see a newly created sharepoint folder and inside of that a solution folder containing your sppkg package.


  1. Log into the SharePoint Admin center / / find through the Microsoft Admin panel
  2. More Features
  3. Apps
  4. Upload your sppkg file

If you are updating an existing app, ensure the version in your newly updated package is later than that of the existing one, otherwise it will not update.

Versioning Issues

Sometimes I've had the WebPartName.manifest.json version attribute not being taken from package.json as its supposed to, if all else fails you can open the .sppkg file with a file manager such as WinRAR, 7-zip etc. and modify version attribute for the app in the AppManifest.xml file.