Azure AD Connect Imports but Wont Export

You can see that when running an Active Directory Sync using Azure AD Sync, the import stage recognises your updates to objects but the export shows 0 changes. As a result nothing is synchronised to your Azure portal.

If you experience an issue in which when running a sync, the Service Manager for AD Connect shows
nothing exported to the Azure portal, follow the steps below:

  1. Load up Azure AD Connect and hit "Configure"
  2. Under "Additional Tasks" hit "Configure Source"
    1. Note if "Configure Source" is not listed you must reinstall Azure AD Connect, if you're having issues or missing an MSI, you can manually doing it by following this guide.
  3. Ensure the object source is set to MSDS_ConsistencyGUID instead of ObjectGUID.

If you had to reinstall Azure AD Connect as the "Configure Source" option wasn't available, you'll be able
to set the source as mentioned in the step above, just after you have set the domain OU filtering options.